Walk around at Christmas

Join me on a guided walk around of our ALMOST completed house.

6 videos take you on a guided tour of the current state of the house and were we are up to. The videos are 3min long (any longer and they wont up-load correctly.)

Has audio commentary.

Click on the bottem right icon to expand/shrink video to suit your screen.

Video 1


Photo of the render colour differance from the back of the house were its more aparant. The 3rd render coat needs to go on to ‘level out’ the colours, however my SS needs aproval from his Manager before he can hand out the purchase order on this trade as it will involve re-scafolding the whole house and re rendering the whole place.


Video 2

The garge took 20 bags of leverling compound to get it correct, the contractor was telling my SS and I that it normaly takes 8 bags.  But it looks great now! very happy and the royal blue carpet that will be installed will be on a level base.

Video 3



Back alfresco area has been leveled and ‘topped”

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6


I hope you enjoyed the walk around.

At this stage we are hoping to move in in the 1st week of Februry… but we realy dont know. We are not homeless, but have not given our 4 weeks notice on the rental property yet, too much is just up in the air.




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