Walk around at Christmas

Join me on a guided walk around of our ALMOST completed house. 6 videos take you on a guided tour of the current state of the house and were we are up to. The videos are 3min long (any longer and they wont up-load correctly.) Has audio commentary. Click on the bottem right icon to... Continue Reading →

Mirror Mirror​ on the Wall

I like wardrobes that have built-in mirrored doors, having lived in apartments and had them, I think they are a great way to utilise the space and make your room feel bigger. So when I asked my Sales Consultant if Porter Davis offered them, I was delighted when he said yes, they did. I was not... Continue Reading →

Washing – loads and loads of fun!

Styles of laundry come and go, but piles of laundry seem to remain Whether you have a Euro laundry, located halfway down your hallway, a washer/dryer all in one unit inserted under the kitchen bench, a washing machine and an old concrete tub sharing the garage space with the car, or stacked appliances and half... Continue Reading →

Anxiety and 49 extra days

People say building a house is an exciting experience, when I tell people I’m building a house, nine times out of ten, their reaction is, “Oh my god that must be so exciting”.   I don’t know what it’s like for everyone else, but it’s not the fun, joyful, exciting process I thought it would... Continue Reading →

The heart of the home

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and nothing is truer than in my house. Its where parties are centred around, Sunday roasts are cooked (or would be cooked if I ever had the energy at the end of the weekend) and where the pre-packaged diet food competes with the full-fat milk, butter-laden toast... Continue Reading →

A room with a view

People love light-filled rooms and it's often a real selling point for a house. We added and changed a number of windows in our house and I am surprised at the number of other people that haven't, either they didn't know they could, or didn't know their options and now have gotten too far down the track... Continue Reading →

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